About me

Greetings potential reader!

I thought I would just tell you a little bit more about muself, about why I created the blog and what sort of things I might be blogging.

First off, I am an archaeology graduate working within the heritage sector, and I am currently training to become a conservator. I absolutely loves coffee, especially fun new ways of making it/drinking it. So hopefully that partly explains the name. The other reason behind the name, is this blog is designed to be short and sweet (just how I like my coffee) and easy to read, something you can enjoy during a cup of coffee. Archaeology news and entertainment for your coffee break, or coffee news and entertainment for your archaeology break!

There is no particular theme to this blog, I will write stuff based on my broad ranging between interests in the area, or respond to any requests.

Here are some of things I might cover:

  • British Prehistory
  • Osteoarchaeology
  • Palaeopathology
  • Palaeoanthropology
  • Military history and battlefield archaeology
  • Conservation
  • Archaeology and technology
  • Archaeology in the media
  • Archaeology in books, games and movies
  • Book reviews
  • And COFFEE!

… Plus more that I have probably forgotten.

I hope someone out there will enjoy reading these blogs as much as I will enjoy, hopefully, writing them 🙂




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