What is the Raspberry Pi useful for?

A great blog, written by a friend of mine, about Raspberry Pis. (The mini-computers, not the food. Do not eat them!). The potential use in archaeology, museum’s and heritage is enormous. In fact, we have been working on some projects :).

Please check out his blog 🙂


It’s just a small computer!

Indeed, you can use the Raspberry Pi just like a PC – give it some power, connect it to an HDMI monitor and attach a USB keyboard and mouse and, with the right software (operating system) on a micro SD card, you have a regular home PC.

(Yeah, there’s some jargon in there, and scattered through the rest of this article – see the ‘appendix’ at the end for a real beginner’s guide to some of these terms, and especially what they mean in relation to a Raspberry Pi).

However, the big fuss about the Raspberry Pi (and similar hobbyist, ‘Maker’-oriented devices) is  that it is much more than simply a replacement PC. Because it is easy to access the connections on the board, it becomes relatively simple to connect a variety of sensors and actuators, and to control these through simple programmes that you…

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