Book Review ‘Early Humans’ By Nick Ashton

Overview: An enjoyable read, well researched book which is made to a high quality.


  1. A high quality, well made book. Excellent paper, photo and image quality.
  2. Eye-catching and colourful cover.
  3. Well researched, up-to-date (as it is possible to do with published works).
  4. Well laid out, with clear chapter headings.
  5. Well written and engaging.


  1. While the overall book is engaging, the first few chapters are a little dry and may put off new readers to the subject.
  2. At the cover price of £60.00 the book is expensive, with other books out there just as informative (but not necessarily as well produced).

Who is it for?

This is linked, in a way, to the price. If you can get it at the current Amazon price of £30.00 then anyone with a passing interest in the book, but I would recommend skipping the first three chapters at first. The first two set out the history of the study of early humans with its origins in geology etc… The third chapter is about the geology of the British Isles and how it has changed over the years, with specific references to the successive Ice Ages and their impacts. Chapter 4 is where the story begins with the story of the earliest humans. I would still recommend going back to and ready the first three chapters afterwards, these first few chapters are a little dry. If you have a passing interest and you can only get it a the RRP (£60.00) there are probably better/just as good books to start off with which are cheaper! If you are already really into the subject matter then it is still definitely worth it at £60.00, it is well written, well researched, and after the first three chapters, is very captivating.

Finals Thoughts:

An excellent, well researched book, made from high quality paper and with high quality photos, diagrams, images etc.. The first few chapter do let it down a bit, but still an enjoyable read.


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