Photo Challenge: Liquid

Perhaps a slightly tenuous link to the photo challenge, but is relevant to the current series of blog posts I am currently writing.

The Beaker Culture, which originates in the Iberia c.2750BC, starting in the late Neolithic/Chalcolithic running into the Early Bronze Age in Western Europe and Central Europe. It is characterized by the use of beakers, like the one below (Which can be seen in Andover Museum and Museum of the Iron Age, Andover, Hampshire), have been interpreted as drinking vessels which potentially contained beer, mead or some other form of alcoholic beverage. This has been based of residue analysis from surviving examples. However, not all are drinking vessels, some appear to have been used as reduction pots in the smelting of copper ore, others have residue of food remains, and others were used as funeral urns.

The Beaker Culture was not just a style of pottery, but appears to be an entire cultural package that included: metalwork in copper and gold, archery, ornamentation, and a set of cultural and religious values.

Water also appeared to hold a special place in Bronze Age Culture, with Bronze Hoards being deliberately place/deposited in/around watery contexts.

#PhotoChallenge #Water #BeakerCulture #Beakerepeople #Archaeology #BronzeAge

via Photo Challenge: Liquidimg_2092


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