Daily Prompt: Assumption

Assumptions Archaeology

You hear a lot of misconceptions about archaeology as an archaeologist. Here are some of the Top 5…

  1. Archaeologists study dinosaurs – No! This is Paleontologists.
  2. Archaeologists are treasure hunters – No! This may have been true of some archaeologists in the past but not today. Today archaeologists are much more interested in the people who made the objects and the processes, and they went through, decoding important processes and events that occurred in the past.
  3. Archaeologists are all about excavating, especially human remains – No! This was truer in the past, when the major way of finding out about site was excavation. Now archaeology is a lot more nuanced, and technology has advanced greatly allowing non-invasive methods of archaeological investigation, such as – Aerial Survey, Satellite Imaging, Geophysical Survey, Field Walking, Test Pits and much more…
  4. Archaeology is always fun and exciting – Yes and no… Archaeology is very hard work and demanding and like any job has its ups and downs. It sometimes long hours dirty, physically demanding, and sometimes less than exciting. But it is nearly always rewarding.
  5. Archaeology is just like Indiana Jones – No! There are many flaws with Dr Jones’ archaeological technique and would be consider an opportunistic relic hunter/treasure hunter with little credibility who would be up against several ethical committees!


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