The main thing I am currently guilty of is buying more books even thought I have a massive pile of unread books, or books I am in the middle of re-reading. I just cannot help it! The books just call out to me saying “Buy me! Buy me!”

Here is a list of what is on my reading pile list at the moment, including my commuting read and night-time read:

  • Hengeworld by Mike Pitts
  • Bronze Age Britain (English Heritage) – Mike Parker Pearson
  • Prehistoric Settlements (English Heritage) – Robert Bewley
  • Prehistoric Britain – Timothy Darvill
  • Britain BC – Francis Pryor
  • Moving On In Neolithic, Understanding Mobile Lives – Edited by Jim Leary and Thomas Kador
  • The Tale Of The Axe – David Miles
  • Stonehenge, Exploring The Greatest Stone Age Mystery – Mike Parker Pearson
  • People Of the Long Barrow, Life Death and Burial In The Earlier Neolithic – Martin Smith and Megan Brickley
  • Dying For The Gods, Human Sacrifice In Iron Age and Roman Europe
  • Landscape Archaeology and GIS – Harry Chapman
  • Making Games With Python – Sean M. Tracey
  • Invent Your Own Computing Games With Python – Al Sweigart

and probably more….

via Daily Prompt: Guilty


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