Sorry for the lack of original content from me in the past couple of days, been busy with work and other projects.

However, I could also use some inspiration! So if you have any questions, or ideas for topics I could cover then please leave a comment with the suggestion :D. I also would love to hear your feedback.

Also, if you like my blog, please tell your family, friends, work colleagues, neighbours, arch enemies etc… About it! The more the merrier.

Hope you all have had a fantastic Monday, do not let those Mondays blues get you down. Here is a picture of a kitten to help you through the week :).


3 thoughts on “Update

  1. I have recently discovered the Post-Neolithic Y-chromosome bottleneck – basically men killing each other for farming land and, presumably, a bigger harem (that’s us girls.) And then, some time later, the Yamnaya tamed horses, invented wagons and did much the same thing all over again to the farmers. I’d be really pleased if you could sort that out into some sort of chronological narrative – I find it really hard to grasp the enormity of thousands of years, tens of thousands of years … And does it go some way to explain Donald Trump?
    They are proposing to dig a tunnel under Stonehenge … to preserve it? That, too, sounds like it could be something to do with Donald Trump.
    If there had been a nuclear power station in Pompei, would Italy still be radioactive?
    Is it possible that the biblical flood is a folk memory of a catastrophic rise in sea level at the end of the Ice Age?
    Thank you for your piece on Cheddar Man, which I really enjoyed. I will sign up for, and look forward to, your posts be email.

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    1. Sorry for the late reply Alison. Thank you for comments and feedback. I will take a bit of time to think about the questions you asked, as they are not my particular area of expertise.

      I wish I could take credit for the Cheddar Man article, but it was a reblog of another blogger who I enjoy following. I will post a link to the original article below.


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