So it has still been a busy month or so for me, which has made it difficult to write content. However, I am now on holiday for two weeks, wahooo!

I am taking a trip up to the Isle of Lewis with my family, a place I have wanted to visit for a long time. My aim is to write a blog diary each day, even if it is very short. So their should be a lot of content coming up in the next two weeks.

Some of things I plan to visit on my trip:

  • The Callanish Stones
  • Dun Carloway Broch
  • Iron Age houses near Bostadh
  • The Garenin blackhouse village in Carloway
  • Clach an Truiseil monolith
  • The Harris Tweed Heritage Centre

and hopefully much more.

Has anyone else been? Is there anything you can suggest/recommend seeing? Please leave a comment.

Hopefully this holiday will give the break I need and get me back into writing. I have lots of projects I want to work on. When I get back from holiday I plan to start a blog exploring the local heritage, archaeology and history to me in and around Basingstoke in Hampshire. I am also hoping to start doing come vlogs and other stuff. So please stay tuned :).




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