Travel Blog Day 1 Basingstoke – Penrith

Day 1 of the journey is over. Basingstoke to Penrith today. To Oban tomorrow.

Some of views from the car when driving bing through the Lake District. Do not worry, I was not driving.

Most of today was spent travelling, getting to Penrith about half-six, then refreshing followed by a nice dinner at the hotel. After food an after dinner walk was called for to explore more of this beautiful town I am not going to see much of. Walked up to the castle ruins, but got there just as they were closing at 9 :(. I am hoping to get up early tomorrow for an early morning walk around when they open at 7:30 before having to leave early to head on the next stage of the journey to Oban. I am also hoping to visit some of the local henge monuments before leaving. Very sad that I will not get to visit the local museum or antique shops though. I think I will have to another visit.

A few pictures below of glimpses I managed to get of the castle.

Best blog post tomorrow, hopefully with more pictures :).

I am now relaxing and enjoying a nice drink in the hotel bar.


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