Day 3 Oban to Kyleakin (Isle of Skye)

Day 3 was another early start, travelling from Oban to Kyleakin on the Isle of Skye. Wow what a journey! A mixture of costal and Highland roads with some spectacular scenery.


With a slightly more drizzly start.



And we finally made it to Skye. After finding our hotel for the night, we decided to head up the island to Uig to find the ferry terminal for the next day, and this proved to be one the best driving roads I have found so far. It was great, fantastic scenary, long straights, zig zag bends, slow bits, fast bits. It was spectacular, a route which consisted of costal bits and Highland bits.

Here is the route.

Part of the reason for this journey was also to visit the Skye Museum of Island Life. Which was slugkty more problematic to get to, a little further north than Uig (the destination marker on the maps above shows where it is) the roads turn mainly into small, just big enough for one car at a time, roads with not as many padding places as you like. And locals driving like local locals, which added in extra excitement to the trip. I will not say much here about the museum, apart from a brief introduction to it. I will cover it in a separate article.

The Skye Museum of Island Life is a a little quaint gem, north of Uig, and right on top off a cliff overlooking the sea. It consists of several old Crofters cottages and other related by ldinfs that were at the heart of the Isles I dustry for generations. These buildings are laid out with original artefacts and information on Skye’s general history, as well as more about the Crofters. To find out more, look my article on it tomorrow.

Aftee the visit we decided it was time for tea, so made the one and a half hour journey back to Kyleakin to check into the hotel and have some food.

After dinner decided to go out for a short walk to enjoy the beauty of Kyleakin at Sunset, it gave us a great view of the Skye Bridge, as the town is situated just off the turning after the bridge.

So that brings us to the end of Day 3, Day 4 we travel from Kyleakin to Uig to catch the ferry over to Tarbert on Harris then drive up to Stornoway to the house that will be the base of operations for the next week :).

Wishing you all the very best.

P.s. Sorry this is a day late, now safely at the house on Stornoway, keep an eye out for the Day 4 blog :).


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