Blog Diary Day 9 – Abhainn Dearg The Red River Distillery, and Day 10 General sightseeing and last full day :(

Day 9

A must for any archaeology journey is a visit to a brewery or distillery!

This is a relatively new distillery, founded in 2008, we visited just before the bottling of their 10 year old batch. The distillery is also located close to the area where the Lewis Chessmen were discovered (Lookout for a blog covering this is next couple of weeks).



It was a great place to visit to learn more about whisky and its pproduction. It is the first legal distillery Lewis in 200 years, and for £10 for s tour and two tastings, it was a real bargain. From all of us here at Coffee Break Archaeology we would leave to widh them all the best.

Day 10

Today was a bit of a relax day and general sightseeing, it started of with a visit to a whale watching station at Tiumpan Head, which also had lovely lighthouse that was built in 1900, now an automated light house and dog kennel. The conditions were not great for whale watching, plenty of bird life and saw some seals but no pictures.

Next we took a trip up to Ness in the north of the Island, mainly to find an adventure playground for niece and nephew who are also on the trip.

On the way we found a rather spectacular standing stone.

Clach an Truisiel – The Compassion Stone

We also found a very charming art gallery and coffee shop, I feel like I have the full spectrum of culture now this holiday now!

We finally found a rather extensive adventure playground with a historical theme, or themes. I even found a truck with a humerous grill ornament..

The park had a rather splendid recreation of a chambered cairn.

All-in-all this was a successful find as far as my niece and nephew were concerned!

This brings us to the end of Day 10, tomorrow starts the Kong journey back home to Basingstoke in Hampshire, 646 miles away…


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