A brief visit to Westbury Manor Museum – Fareham

It has been very weird being back at work this week after the holiday to Lewis. But today is my day off, and instead of working on the articles and work that I want to construct about my visit, I have taken a quick visit to Fareham with a friend, well he is at work, so I decided to pop into Westbury Manor Museum.

It is a museum I have visited a few times now, and I look be it. It is run by the Hampshire Cultural Trust and is free entry. It also has a fantastic cafe serving a range of hit and cold drinks, hot and cold snacks and even wine and beer!

The museum is grade 3 listed building and at its core is 17th century, with a Georgian facade, and Victorian garden. The museum had recently gone through a refurbishment, given the I side a very modern feel that is still sympathetic to the buildings origins.

The cafe, shop and local history library take up most of the group floor. The second floor is loosely divided into four areas. There are three galleries dealing with Fareham’s past starting 500,000 years ago and going through until the present day. Each of these galleries are not very big, but give enough information to give you a real feel of the development of the area over time. The displays are bright coloured and engaging and make good use of modern technology with the use of interactive screens and audio displays. The fourth part of the second floor is a temporary exhibition gallery, which is currently all to do with robots. It is a shame by friend is at work, because that is right up his street.

The main part of the museum I was interested in was the section dealing with Fareham’s prehistoric past (and the cafe obviously 😉 ).

I love these displays, they are colourful, there are not too many objects jammed into the cases and the labels and interpretation panels are meaningful.

The current exhibition, called Gizmobots, I also really enjoyed. There were a couple of cases showing toys, gadgets and computers/gadgets from the last 60, and some information panels describing the objects and the origins of robotics. In very brief detail.

Also on display were mecanical ‘robots’ made from ‘rubbish’ called Gizmobots. The artist who created these rather lovely creations repurposes discarded and unwanted items to make his creations.

Each one the artist had named and given a backstory to. Which I thought was a really nice touch. They were even for sale, but unfortunately my coffers are still recovering from my holiday to the Isle of Lewis.

I would highly recommend a visit to Fareham museum. You can find out more about the museum and it’s collections here:


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