Short Archticles (Architools) in Archaeology

A project I forgot to mention VLOG (this is the level of professionalism we are dealing with here), was probably the important.

Short Archticles (Architools) in archaeology will be a series looking at various aspects of archaeology in a short and snappy (and hopefully interesting and entertaining). These will be mainly technical and theoretical in nature, but will include anything else I want (or is requested by you). The first article, coming up in the next week or so, will focus on the history of archaeology as a field (pun vaguely intended). These blogs will not be completely comprehensive in the aspects they look at, but designed to give a brief introduction/summary and a reference for people who want to find out more.

Please let me know your thoughts on the idea, plus any suggestions. What do you think of name?

Credit (either good or bad) for the name goes to my dad ;).

Ps. Sorry this blog is short, wanted to get the name out there before it is stolen.


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