Works in progress – Archie’s Adventures in Archaeology

Hello everyone,

So anyone who follows me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, has been treated to my very bad drawings recently (part deliberately bad, and part I just cannot draw).

Not sure why I decided to start drawing… I guess it is because I have been watching a lot of YouTube recently, specifically around animation and drawing, and thought why not give it ago! Oh, that’s right, you cannot draw! But I decided not to let a small thing like that distract me, so I have been using time between work and university work for my Master’s, to practice and also to relax.

So here is a comic I drew! Archie’s Adventures in Archaeology. Now these are very rough, and just me getting some ideas down, I do plan to try and improve it, at least a little bit.

I plan to make this a small serries if mini comics involving three main characters:

– Archie the Archaeologist

– Trevor the Trowel (Archie’s trowel)

– Skully McSkull Face

So here are my rough ideas so far

As I said, very rough.

In other news:

Yay! It released some content!

I am still working on the book review of Archaeogaming and on the first Architools article. They will be out soon.


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