Plastics Conservation Science — La Paz Group

A very interesting and thought provoking article, especially since I am currently training in conservation. A very difficult topic, especially given the current climate.

Plastics have only been around for around 150 years (in this context, plastic being something that is mokdable) and has a big impact or industry and our life’s as a whole. Museum and Gallery collections are now full of objects containing plastics. But plastic conservation science is still reasonably new. This is a very interesting article that deals with this, would highly recommend you checking it out :).

The irony of the need to conserve aging national treasures or works of art configured from plastics and other petroleum-based materials in the time of the “Pacific Vortex” and other plastic-created environmental disasters is difficult to miss. It never would have occurred to any of us that a field called “Plastics Conservation Science” has any […]

via Plastics Conservation Science — La Paz Group


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