Christmas Countdown 17 – Christmas Gifts for Archaeologists

Do you know an archaeologist? Want to get them a gift this Christmas, but have no idea what to get? Then fear not! With just over a week to go, I thought I would look at some gift suggestions for the archaeologist in your life this festive season. 

So lets get started: 

For the foodie archaeologist: 

There is nothing an archaeologist likes more than a nice hot, home cooked meal. No matter how good or bad your cooking skills are, it is almost certainly better than what they are eating out in the trench. Dig Ventures have a great selection of historic (and Prehistoric) recopies for you to try that you can find here: . The key to an archaeologists heart is definitely through their stomach. 

For the archaeologist who enjoys a little drink: 

Let’s face it, we all do. There are many options here for some great gifts for the archaeologist in your life. 

  • Trowel bottle 
    opener  – The ultimate archaeology tool.
  • But if you are goring to get them a bottle opener, you had better get them something to go with it. A while back there were a a few breweries around that were around attempting to recreate ancient beer. One of these were DogFish Breweries ( producing a beer called Kvsair. These do not appear to be on their website currently, nor is it available on However, there are still a  lot of great beers out there. I have recently discovered the joys of which have a great selection of beer available through a subscription box (although you do appear to be bale to buy beers individually through their shop). First box is just £24.00 for 8 beers, you can choose from light beers, light and dark beers, it comes with a magazine about the beer, a free snack, , and free delivery. You can cancel or pause the subscription at anytime, and has a new theme each month. Now, I am not being sponsored by Beer52, but if anyone from Beer52 is reading I would happily do an unboxing and tasting on my blog :D.
  • If alcohol is not their thing, for some strange reason, then why not get them this very useful tea cup with colour chart. All archaeologists love tea. 

  • Or if coffee is more their thing Dig Ventures have you covered with special archaeologist coffee

For the potty archaeologist: 

So, for the archaeologist who absolutely potty about pottery. Potted-History produce museum quality replica prehistoric, Roman and medieval pottery. They produce high quality replicas of pots, bowls, cooking vessels, lamps, and even medieval piss pots. If you really want to take the piss. They also do high quality replicas of the famous Venus of WIllendorf. You can find out more here If anyone wanted to get me a Christmas present I would love the Peterborough ware bowl… 😉

For the crafty archaeologist: 

For the archaeologist who loves to make and is good with their hands, the here are some ideas. 

  • Potted-History mentioned above also offer pottery making workshops
  • Or if they are crazy about flint or an aspiring knapper then why not book a workshop with William Lord
  • Or if they are interested in this new fangled metal fad then why not try
  • Or maybe you are crafty and handy with needles? Then why not try making them some Egyptian Coptic socks using the following guide
  • Knitting not your thing? Then did you see my very snazzy creation of a Stonehenge tealight holder? No? Well, I will treat you with another picture. Archaeologists love homemade gifts
Image may contain: drink
Image may contain: indoor

For the smelly archaeologist:

Ever wondered what a Neanderthal smelt like? No, me neither, not sure I really want to, but Neandertal®  has us covered with the Neandertal dark™ and Neandertal light™. According to the description “offer a sophisticated and complex mixture of scents with materials natural to their environments. The perfume contains fresher tones blended with innovative aromatic materials, distillates and natural isolates compounding into a mixture of olfactory palettes wearable by today’s modern humans”    With prices starting a £135 – £210 it is not the cheapest option on this list, but what would you prefer your achaeologist to smell like? The trench? or a Neaderthal. And if anyone from Neanderal is watching, I would happily do a review in exchnage for a free sample. You can check these out for yourself here:

A gift you can really dig:

For the aspiring archaeologist you and old, a family that digs together stays together and Dig Ventures has you covered with their Dig Camp Gift Certificate

Or are you an archaeologist and you have a friend who just does not get archaeology? The why not treat them to Dig Ventures


Now, this gift suggestion comes with a warning, Dig Ventures have a range of clothing called ‘It’s Ritual’. An archaeologist will either love this gift, or it will enrage them. If it is the latter then remember to stay calm, sit your archaeologist down and feed them coffee and biscuits until they return to normal, or as normal as they ever are. But Dig Ventures have some excellent gift ideas for you check out here:

For the archaeologist who is actually a Paleontologist:

Remember, if they dig dinosaurs they are not archaeologists! So why not get them Heck, these are so cool that an archaeologist would love it too. Who wouldn’t!?1?

Career Advice/New Job

Seriously, why did they get into archaeology? Did they not career advice at school or college? Their life is literally in ruins. 

Still Unsure?

If you are still  unsure , then you can never go wrong with books or amazon vouchers! 

So, I hope this has been useful, and entertaining, and that you now have some ideas for the archaeologist in your life. Have you found any good gift ideas? The why not share them below. 


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