Stonehenge Luke and the Bluestone by Barbara Townsend

Well, this is not really a review. I want to make the review of this book the next video in my latest blog segment Noah Explains it all. If you have not seen the video yet you can see it here

I purchased this book when I went to Stonehenge with my nephew Noah on the 30 December, and probably the best thing I can say about is that we started reading it together on the drive home from Stonehenge. After and early start, s good two or so hours hours that he spent running around the site using the audioguide, looking around the museum, and we almost finished reading the book by the time we got home. He loved it!

So, all I will say is that I really enjoyed the book, it well presented, excellent formatting and high quality artwork and diagrams. I think Noah can put it together, so I will save the rest of the review for him in the next video, coming soon :).


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