Feature Spotlight: One Ring – A Dark Age Story Exhibition at Andover Museum.

In the Feature Spotlight today is the One Ring – A Dark Age Story exhibition at Andover Museum and Museum of the Iron Age.

This exhibition examines the ancient tradition of ring giving and tells the story of the newest acquisition of museum’s collection.

This ring is a Romano silver finger ring, dating somewhere between AD 300-450, so at the very end of Roman occupation of Britain. The ring has a rectangular bezel and a hoop that widens towards the bezel. On the bezel there is an incised decoration that depicts the a wyrm , or dragon, curled twice around its tail and widening towards a broad flat head. The body of wyrm/dragon is made from v-shaped cuts, giving it a scaly appearance. At the corners of the bezel are engraved stars.

The image depicted on this ring is unusual (possibly unique) for this date and style of ring, representing a change in artistic taste in late Romano Britain/early Post- Roman Britain.

The possible inspiration for the design is what makes this object so intriguing, hinting at a possible cultural interaction between the newly arrived Anglo-Saxon immigrants and the ingenious Britons.

The One Ring – A Dark Story exhibition is on at Andover Museum until the 20 April. You can find out more information here https://www.hampshireculture.org.uk/event/one-ring-dark-age-story.


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