Archaeogaming Let’s Plays – C14 The Archaeology Dating Simulator Episode 2

Join us for Episode of C14 – The Archaeology Dating Simulator,. This is a follow on from Episode 1.5 where we actually get to dig!

Join the adventures of Melissa Flores, a third year anthropology student on her first archaeological dig in Belgium, over 5000 miles from her home in California.

Not knowing anyone other than her professor, and knowing very little French, how will she cope? How will she cope with onsite training? Making friends? Maybe she might even find romance… If you want to find out then make sure you tune in to the series to find out!.

C14 is an Otome dating simulator, combining archaeloogy, friendship and love.

Steam page description –

” C-14 Dating is an otome dating sim that combines archaeology, friendships and love.

You play as Melissa Flores, a 3rd year anthropology student participating in a summer archaeological internship. The field school takes place in Belgium, over 5000 miles away from your native California!

Okay, it’s a little bit out of your comfort zone, and the fact you’ll be staying in an unfamiliar country for two months can be nerve-racking, but you couldn’t pass up such a learning opportunity! You get to excavate at an authentic prehistoric site, which has uncovered Neanderthal remains in the past.

Maybe you’ll dig up some bones, or even unearth tools that were manufactured by early humans. And of course, you might forge friendships and find romance during your stay…


Play as Melissa, anthropology student abroad on a summer internship

Romance Deandre, Hendrik, Kyler and Shoji

Dating sim gameplay with optional archaeological minigames

Beautiful manga artwork and original soundtrack

A different cast with some very unique characters! “

Have you played the game? Please let me know what you think.

I welcome any feedback but please be constructive and kind. I am still new to this :). I am not a great gamer, I am here as an archaeology and gaming enthusiasm.

Links to my the first episode
Links to my archaeogaming blog

Webcam: Razer Kiyo
Microphone: Blue Yeti Blackout
Recorded with Action! Game Recorder
Edited with Movavi Video Suite


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