Architools 1 What is Archaeology?

So what is archaeology? Ok, let's just get one thing out of the way with first. Archaeology is not Palaeontology, WE DO NOT DO DINSOSAURS! So what is archaeology all about? Archaeology can be rather hard to define, so  let's look at some definitions: Oxford English Dictionary Online:  "A person who studies human history and … Continue reading Architools 1 What is Archaeology?


Short Archticles (Architools) in Archaeology

A project I forgot to mention VLOG (this is the level of professionalism we are dealing with here), was probably the important. Short Archticles (Architools) in archaeology will be a series looking at various aspects of archaeology in a short and snappy (and hopefully interesting and entertaining). These will be mainly technical and theoretical in … Continue reading Short Archticles (Architools) in Archaeology