Works in progress – Archie’s Adventures in Archaeology

Hello everyone, So anyone who follows me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, has been treated to my very bad drawings recently (part deliberately bad, and part I just cannot draw). Not sure why I decided to start drawing... I guess it is because I have been watching a lot of YouTube recently, specifically around animation … Continue reading Works in progress – Archie’s Adventures in Archaeology


Update and poll results

In this post I just wanted to share what will be coming up on the blog this September. Firstly, as some of you may know, I ran a poll on the Facebook page to determine name of my new series of short articles scoring various technical aspects of archaeology. The results are in and the … Continue reading Update and poll results

Playing with Panoramic Software

Entrance to the Iron Age at Andover Museum and Museum of the Iron Age. Andover Museum's Round House Round house 2. So today I have been playing some Panoramic Capture software, sorry about the slightly dodgy quality. I am hoping to do more of this sort of thing, as well as virtual tours. I would … Continue reading Playing with Panoramic Software

Scratch Projects – Prehistory Quiz

So I am still playing with the Scratch Programming Language as part of the Future Learning MOOC "Teching Programming in Primary Schools" by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. I am currently working on a Prehisotry Quiz sutiable for Year 3 (Key Stage 2). Here is the work in progress so far... You can check ou the … Continue reading Scratch Projects – Prehistory Quiz