Happy New Year! 2018 to 2019

I would just like to take the time to say Happy New Year! And a big thank you to all of you for continuing to follow the blog! 2018 has been a bit of a mixed bag, but I want to focus on some of the postivies: The blog has grown on all social media … Continue reading Happy New Year! 2018 to 2019


Christmas Countdown 24/25/ Post Christmas Update

Post Christmas Day Update - Hope you are all having a good time, with whatever you do or do not celebrate. I thought I would do a quick post Christmas update. Now, awhile back you may remember mentioning that I was planning/working on a secret project. I thought I would give you a bit more … Continue reading Christmas Countdown 24/25/ Post Christmas Update

Christmas Countdown 22 and 23 – Prehistory of Midwinter part 2

So in out first part we mainly focused on Stonehenge and eluded to how interacts/related to other monuments in its landscape. In part two our focus will be on a few other Neolithic/Early Bronze Age sites, and a brief examination of the other evidence in later Prehistory for the celebration of the Midwinter festivals. Durrignton … Continue reading Christmas Countdown 22 and 23 – Prehistory of Midwinter part 2

Christmas Countdown 17 – Christmas Gifts for Archaeologists

Do you know an archaeologist? Want to get them a gift this Christmas, but have no idea what to get? Then fear not! With just over a week to go, I thought I would look at some gift suggestions for the archaeologist in your life this festive season.  So lets get started:  For the foodie … Continue reading Christmas Countdown 17 – Christmas Gifts for Archaeologists

Coffee Break Archaeology’s Christmas Countdown

So, a quick update. Starting tomorrow I will be starting a countdown to Christmas by posting something new to my social media channels each day. One might call this advent(urous) ;). These wont necessarily be related to Christmas. Why am I doing this? Well because I want to... but beyond on that I hope this … Continue reading Coffee Break Archaeology’s Christmas Countdown

Works in progress – Archie’s Adventures in Archaeology

Hello everyone, So anyone who follows me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, has been treated to my very bad drawings recently (part deliberately bad, and part I just cannot draw). Not sure why I decided to start drawing... I guess it is because I have been watching a lot of YouTube recently, specifically around animation … Continue reading Works in progress – Archie’s Adventures in Archaeology

Update and poll results

In this post I just wanted to share what will be coming up on the blog this September. Firstly, as some of you may know, I ran a poll on the Facebook page to determine name of my new series of short articles scoring various technical aspects of archaeology. The results are in and the … Continue reading Update and poll results

Short Archticles (Architools) in Archaeology

A project I forgot to mention VLOG (this is the level of professionalism we are dealing with here), was probably the important. Short Archticles (Architools) in archaeology will be a series looking at various aspects of archaeology in a short and snappy (and hopefully interesting and entertaining). These will be mainly technical and theoretical in … Continue reading Short Archticles (Architools) in Archaeology

Visit to Mayburgh Henge

Visit to Mayburgh Henge So, shortly after leaving Penrith we headed to Mayburgh Neolithic Henge before heading to our next overnight stop on Oban. Mayburgh Henge is located 2.4 miles South of Penrith, and 400 meters from King Arthur's Henge. There has been no systematic excavations at Mayburgh Henge, which makes it hard to date … Continue reading Visit to Mayburgh Henge

Playing with Panoramic Software

Entrance to the Iron Age at Andover Museum and Museum of the Iron Age. Andover Museum's Round House Round house 2. So today I have been playing some Panoramic Capture software, sorry about the slightly dodgy quality. I am hoping to do more of this sort of thing, as well as virtual tours. I would … Continue reading Playing with Panoramic Software